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ACS Programs and Services

What will you find with ACS? All kinds of programs and services that combine fun with self-improvement. Look at your local offerings to see what’s available near you – and get ready to start an adventure! 

All Army Community Services (ACS) programs support Soldiers, civilian employees and Families in maintaining readiness by coordinating and delivering comprehensive, responsive services that promote self-reliance, resiliency and stability. Each program maximizes technology and resources, adapts to unique installation requirements, eliminates duplication in service delivery, and measures service effectiveness. Standardized ACS programs, services and facilities are based upon established Common Levels of Support, are tailorable by Garrison population and mission, and are outlined in AR 608-1, Army Community Service, 13 March 2013. 

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Want to help improve the Army community? Through AFAP, you can raise issues, give feedback and help enhance standards of living for Soldiers and their Families.
Whether you’re new to the Army or want to brush up on skills, get a leg up with AFTB. This training program takes you step by step through Army culture and connects you to the skills and resources to become a self-reliant member of the military community.
The Army community runs on volunteers – and the AVC supports them. Unite with other volunteers, enhance your career mobility and help sustain Army Soldier and Family readiness by connecting with AVC.
If you’re looking for the next step in your career, check out ERP. Available to Soldiers, retirees, Civilians and their Family members, ERP helps you acquire skills, networks and resources to jump-start your work life. Expect career coaching, classes, job fairs, job listings and more.
Have a Family member with special needs? EFMP coordinates with military and civilian agencies for community support, housing, educational, medical and personnel services.
Domestic violence and child abuse and neglect have no place in Army Families. FAP prevents them by strengthening Families and enhancing resiliency.
Want to take charge of your finances? Financial Readiness can help with comprehensive educational and counseling programs. Learn about debt, consumer advocacy and protection, money management, credit, financial planning, insurance and consumer issues.
Get the information you need from a trusted source. These resources keep you in the loop on what’s happening, and what’s available on and off the installation.
Deployment isn’t easy. We provide training and publications to help commanders, Soldiers and Families navigate the challenges of mobilization and deployment. We also have resources for rear detachment cadre and Soldier and Family Readiness Group (SFRG) leaders.
“We’re moving AGAIN?” Military Families move a lot, and those frequent moves bring challenges and stress. Relocation Readiness assistance helps with counseling, sponsorship, pre-arrival information, temporary loan of basic household items, and many other services.
The Army’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program is the Army’s integrated, proactive effort to end sexual harassment and sexual assault within our ranks.
Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) Soldiers and their Families deserve the best, and SFAC services exist to serve them. The SFAC supports each Soldier’s Comprehensive Transition Plan and VOW Act goals, and works with them as they progress toward return to duty or successful separation from the service.
Family & MWR offers free, confidential help if you or someone you love is thinking about suicide.
We honor and serve those who have lost loved ones while on active duty, including those who died in combat or of combat related injuries, accident, illness or suicide. SOS provides services to you for as long as you want them.